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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  November 2, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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captioned by closed captioning services, inc. happy friday thank you for joining us i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze no rain out there. >> mike? we start with live doppler. good morning. it is dry out there. let's talk about fog. we talked about how that would develop in the north bay valleys, mild visibility napa 3/4 of a mile at santa rosa starting to see fog in the east bay valleys this is going to be an ongoing concern during the morning commute. in the afternoon high clouds and sun low to mid 60s coast, mid six anties to 70 bay -- upper 60s to 70 inland. san mateo bridge, friday
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hopefully for friday light so far so good from hayward towards foster city construction due to be picked up in half an hour westbound direction 6 a.m. eastbound. problem now in hayward northbound 88 580 marina big rig accident blocking two right lanes. roadwork on the dumbarton until 50 clock, both directions. -- police asking for the public's help finding the passenger who viciously beat a muni station agent for trying to do his job. amy hollyfield is live at the van ness station. >> reporter: the good miss is that they have surveillance -- the good news is they have surveillance video. look at this image, see if you recognize this man. you can see the -- you can't see the agent but you see the man at someone. he was not attacked. this happened at the van they say station. police say the man was mad at
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the station agent because he wouldn't let him take his bike on the train. >> reaching the platform level the suspect immediately turned around and tacked the agent he punched him and kicked him several times. and knocked him to the ground as he stood back up the suspect continued the assault knocking him to the ground. >> reporter: here's a good still they think he's 25 to 30, about six feet tall, brown hair this happened about a month ago, october 10th. muni is hoping someone will see tnhps video and remember the indent, remember being there or maybe you just recognize this -- in man either way they are asking that you help. the station agent has been released from the hospital. he is still not okay enough to return to work. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. happening now operation impact underway in oakland.
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chp units in the city to increase police presence and assist officers on patrol. chp will provide help to oakland two days a week at no cost to the city. last year the chp tphepd an anti-gang operation paid for with federal grants. terry mcsweeney is in oakland now he'll have a live report on this. san mateo county sheriff's office asking for the public's help to track two men believed to have stolen more than $7,000 from a 7-eleven store. video shows two entering the store shortly after noon monday one of the men distracted the cashier by asking questions while his accomplice went to the rear office and stole a bag of cash. it wasn't until several hours later the cashier realized the money was gone.
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it could be another six weeks before police receive bone months on a test. -- a three inch fragment of bone was dug up with other remains this year in a well used by the speed freaks serial killers. there was a delay at the arizona lab testing the bone. it will go to virginia for further analysis. an hour from now the labor department will release the latest monthly jobless report the last one before the presidential election. [ unintelligible ] the jobs report and the federal response to superstorm
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sandy can impact the presidential election. katie marzullo is live in the newsroom with more. >> reporter: one thing for sure, president obama and mitt romney are full speed ahead in the battleground states seeking out undecided voters. president obama was in boulder, colorado yesterday. today he has three campaign events in ohio. he will be anxious to hear the jobs report. political expert telling the san francisco gate if the unemployment rate stays below 8% he believes voters will slug it off. any increase would mean president obama would -- face voters with the highest rate since roosevelt if the rate is above 8%, mitt romney is going to use that to his advantage. he campaigned in virginia yesterday. this morning, romney starts in wisconsin and moves to ohio. "the new york times" reporting the romney campaign is making a serious play for
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pennsylvania last minute appearance there sunday, polls now show president obama's edge in pennsylvania is narrowing. will the jobs report give either any massive boost? that's unclear. experts say all but a few voters have likely made up their minds, particularly, about the economy. katie marzullo, abc7 news. developing news for one of the areas hardest hit by the superstorm. con ed officials, say they could have power restored to all of manhattan by today. more than 4.1 million are without power across a dozen states. the election is forcing new jersey to get creative in the wake of sandy. officials plan to use military trucks to service polling places on election day in communities that don't have power. recovery marked by progress and frustration. in new york, people are hoping the commute will be better than yesterday new carpool
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rule required drivers to have at least three people in their car. lines were enormous. the death toll has climbed to 90, including two staten island toddlers, swept away by flood waters. gas one of the most valuable commodities in new york and new jersey people are waiting up to six hours. some arrested trying to cut in line. millions of gallons are available but can't be accessed without electricity. hopefully, new york's timeline is getting back today. >> some of those lines at the gas station reminiscent of the '73 embargo for those of us old enough to remember that. time for a look at forecast, streets were dry this morning. >> looking like it going to be that way this weekend. easier commute this morning the big story how much cooler it is one degree in
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antioch to 11 in los gatos, 12 redwood city, 15 santa rosa, 7 oakland, san jose, let's check out theme . mid to upper 40s santa rosa, napa, fairfield concord half moon bay and los gatos we haven't reached the coolest part of the morning that will be around 7:00. today you can see system pushed north high clouds and sun what we are going to have mid 60s around the bay noon 58 coast top out at 70 by 4:00 away from the coast mid 60s grab a coat tonight most of us in the 50s. check out the warmth saturday through monday. monday we could have record high temperatures. good morning. clear roads and clear skies. light traffic south 101 through san rafael by civic center tail lights heading up
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the hill no problems farther south two lanes golden gate bridge with roadwork northbound due to pittsburgh picked up in 30 minutes, no delays -- due to be picked up in 30 minutes, no delays, light into san francisco, one spot now north 880 at marina big rig versus car in the right lane minor delay past the scene. roadwork into san francisco north 101 at cesar chavez due to be picked up in 20 minutes. next, pointing fingers. east bay school district blaming a molestation victim for years of abuse. picket signs, looming strike that could give bay area shoppers one less place to buy groceries. there is no huge frenzy the wait is over for apple fans like these folks in tokyo,
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wanting to get the ipad minute night. the 7.9 inch -- tablet will go on sale for $329 for a wifi only version. cell service getting better for people in the hurricane zone almost 20% of cell sites in the region are still knocked out. google introduced next us is 4, latest smartphone running android 4.2. stern found a lot to like including new photo feature. >> it can take a 360 photo can capture the ceiling or sky, also wide angles, really cool. on top of that they made it faster, no lag to the operating system. >> those are your techhkx;x;x$ú
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>> fog is starting to develop in the east bay valleys that could be the only weather-related issue to your morning commute. record highs in the forecast, more news. 4:43. live picture from florida happening at the kennedy space center that is the shuttle atlantis, on its final journey to retirement like endeavour was. right now the shuttle is on its 10-mile short journey from an industrial park to an area where this will be on display for a history for all to see. today's day-long trip includes stops along the way, public viewing and ceremony. it doesn't look like it is movinging from this angle, if it were -- moving from this angle. my guess is it is hard to tell because it is moving so
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slowly. [ unintelligible ] today employees are due back at the bargaining table in san francisco. two sides have until midnight tomorrow to reach agreement or as many as 7,000 workers could go on strike. mediator met with the grocery chain and union leaders yesterday. if there is a strike, it would be the first in their 77 year history with moraga school district says a student who was sexually abused in the 90s was careless and negligent and partially to blame. accusations made in first legal response to 30-year-old
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woman's lawsuit she and two others are suing the district for repeatedly ignoring allegations of abuse over two years. the teachers in question are -- she said the comments made her feel like a victim all overagain. >> there's some legal strategies involved. for me this isn't about a legal or civil or criminal battle this is about me telling the truth and getting my life back. when i read that, i take it to heart and it is really hard for me to deal with. >> our calls to the district and administrators named in the suit went unreturned except one retired assistant principal said everything is being handled through their attorneys and have no comment. our messages to the attorneys went unreturned. u.s. intelligence leaders
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offer new timeline of the attack on the consulate in libya. >> better late than never. meet the california woman who just found out she is worth 23 million dollars and she almost didn't get it. [ inaudible ] .
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welcome back. check out what is still left of moisture around northeast cool nights enough for snow in higher elevations scattered showers 50s there as you dip down into the south 72 atlanta, 88 in dallas today, 86 phoenix, seattle, portland, 60°.
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laguardia flight arrive delays of nearly 75 minutes, snow towards minneapolis maybe a delay there. back at home, we don't have anything to worry about san jose, oakland, nor sfo. check out our flight tracker at the bottom. 4:49. the u.s. is striking back at allegations that it failed to respond quickly or efficiently against the deadly tack on the u.s. consulate in libya september 11th. u.s. intelligence officials say cia officers went to the aid of state department staffers less than 25 minutes after the first call for help. cia publicly denying a report by fox news that the cia told its personnel to stand down. a.m. stevens was killed with -- ambassador stevens was killed with three other americans. deep financial trouble for
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nuclear power plan. san onofre know plant in southern california out of service since january operator says it has cost 317 million dollars between repairs and replacement power. officials say it is not clear if the steam generators can be repaired and operated at full power the shutdown happened after a tube break that caused radiation leak concerns. make-up work for students at san francisco's public schools for those who skipped school for the giants parade. initial attendance records indicate plenty of students were among the 1.3 million at the celebration. san francisco high school attendance was down more than 20%. middle school down 11%, grade schoolers about 3 1/2%. tonight warriors play home opener against the grizzlies.
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the warriors are coming off wednesday's opening victory in phoenix over the suns. [ unintelligible ] the first 19,000 fans attending the game will receive t-shirts. >> i think a lot of fans would say a good center is required. close call turned into good fortune for a woman in southern california. weeks before a 23 million dollar lotto prize would have to be forfeited, the winner has come forward. the winning ticket was sold in may. no one claimed the prize so the store released photos of the person who bought the ticket. the win -- the winner's daughter watched tv and recognized mom the winner searched and found her ticket
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in her car. she filed the claim questioned. congratulations. >> what are the few times people are happy they are caught on surveillance video released to the public. >> true. >> she got lucky. if that could just happen to us ii >> -- we'll have a wealth of sun not 23 million, near high record temperatures next week no reason to stay home on election day. look how crystal clear the bay is and calm it is from vollmer peak emeryville towards san francisco live doppler 7 hd high clouds are starting to get close to the bay area and it is coming over the north bay which should limit the fog production which is getting underway now in the north bay valleys and east bay valleys. we are going to have high clouds and sunshine today, brighter and warmer through
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the weekend that will lead to near record highs for monday and tuesday. let's talk about what is going on outside. our system from yesterday, pushed way overnight, high pressure settling, because the highs coming in with the clockwise flow, steering this next system to the north, we're just going to get some high clouds out of this system as the rain will fall apart. look how close it gets to our neighborhoods, comes right up to near the coast and then fall as part during the early evening and overnight hours. it will clear us out and patchy fog could form again tomorrow morning, especially inland. today's highs warmer than yesterday. low to mid 60s coast, mid 60s to near 70° for the rest of us san francisco 65 fremont, livermore, antioch, fairfield around 70°. monterey bay mid to upper 60s around the bay, upper 60s low 70s in your inland
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neighborhoods traveling the state the rain will push towards eureka, 60, stray showers to the north at chico 69 increasing sun and warmth from sacramento to fresno to palm springs at 85, upper 60s morning clouds around l.a. and san diego up to the seer partly cloudy 57 tahoe, 65 in yosemite back home tonight -- temperatures -- temperatures in the 40s, upper 40s inland to mid 50s for the rest of us. mild pattern rolls in tomorrow two to four degrees warmer another four to six degrees warmer sunday. near record highs monday and tuesday. cooler wednesday and thursday. daylight saving ends tomorrow night set your clocks back an hour check alarms and detectors. san jose light conditions
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87 northbound headlights headed north past hp pavillion no problems this is east shore past golden gate fields 80 westbound light north 880 hayward at marina, big rig versus car in right lane tow truck on scene minor slowing past the scene eastbound 4 loveridge closed for roadwork until 5:30 detoured on and then back off -- still a good drive towards concord. big cal tonight at berkeley you are advised to take bart extra traffic on 80 past university and the usual exits. >> blue and gold what a coincidence. californians more likely to carpool and use public transportation than anyone else in the country. more than 11% of commuters
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here carpool compared to less than 1% across the rest of the country. more than 5% use public transit, slightly higher than the national average our commute is three minutes longer than the national average. east bay officials celebrating opening of new neighborhood they say will be a model for the future. the district is located in union city, 800,000 units park with fountain, large playground with retail shops to be added later located near a bart station that will one day include a connection to ace and capital corridor trains. george lucas is donate most of the four billion dollars he will make when disney buys his france khaoeuz to charity. -- franchise to charity. undisclosed educational foundation his own foundation has donated 175,000 to
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university of southern california -- next, frustration grows in parts of new york at the slow pace of recovery from sandy. latest on the widespread damage in a live report. south bay school principal on trial tries to explain why she failed to report a suspected molester. new poll finds change in momentum over controversial ballot measure to abolish death penalty. >> this is atlantis moving slowly going two miles per hour.
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